How To Give A Hickey

How To Get Give a Hickey – Hickey is a temporary red mark. It is caused by aggressive kissing. This lead to rupture of blood vessels. When they break blood leaks out from them. Leaked blood gets flow to surrounding tissue and becomes like bruises.

Hickeys are also known as love bites. Hickey looks like bruises only but bruises are serious matters or caused due to any major injury. Bruises seek medical attention and in the case of hickeys, don’t need much. Some people feel pleasure while giving Hickey and having it. So for those, we had to write this quick way to help them out. We have also listed out all the ways to get rid of hickey if you facing such problems.

How To Give A Hickey

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How To Give a Hickey

I dont why someone will love to have a hickeys, but its true some people are passionate to have it on there body for atleast once. I think you should read our complete hickey guide before to have it on your body.

1) Take Permission from your partner – The Most important part to have a hickey on your partner body is to have permission from your partner. As She is the one who is going to have it on his/her body.

2) Discuss where to give love bite – After having the permission, most important thing is to decide the place where you will be giving the hickey to your partner. As Place can be neck or any internal part of the body where it is not visible. So decision of place is very imporatnt to give a hickey to your partner.

3) Foreplay and get in mood – After taking the decision of place, most important thing is to get in the mood of love. So need to start foreplaying with your partner and get in mood.

4) Start kissing aggressively – Slowly and slowly as love begins, you can start kissing aggressively. If skin of your partner is delicate or much fair colour, aggressive kissing will do the work and will result in the hickey on his/her body.

5) Suck And Bite – If kissing doesn’t work, then can start sucking that place for few seconds will help you out. To darken hickey you can suck hard for long time at that place. Some people bite also in lust of love but be cautious as it can give injury on body or small wound.

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