How To Get Rid Of Hickey

How To Get Rid Of Hickey – Hickey is the love mark left behind on your neck from your partner while doing passionate love. When your body part is kissed with immense pressure or bitten anywhere. Actually, the blood vessels get broke down with it and blood starts flowing outward. This blood gets dry and looks like a red mark known as Hickey.

Hickey is not any type of disease. There is also not any proper cure for it in medication. Actually, the best cure method is to let it cure itself. Its natural process and goes away with time depending on a lot factors. But still, we will tell you the best ways on how let Hickey disappear fast.

How To Get Rid Of Hickey

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How To Get Rid Of Hickey

1. Cold Compress – Pack some Ice-cubes in plastic container or towel and apply it for 20 minutes. You can repeat this process with time interval of 20 minutes as many times you want.

2. Warm Compress – After 48 hrs of Hickey you can give warm bottle compress for 20 minutes. It will increase your blood flow.

3. Spoon – Chill the spoon in the freezer and apply it on Hickey till it’s cold. Keep on repeating it with different spoons.

4. Toothbrush – Rub it on Hickey from centre to outward direction. Don’t use much pressure as it make hickey worse.

5. Toothpaste – Apply Mint toothpaste on Hickey. When tingling sensation stops wash it from the warm towel.

6. Coin – Take the coin and rub it from centre to outward direction over Hickey. Target is to break the blood clot so as to get reabsorb.

7. Cylindrical Objects – Twist them over Hickey for 5 minutes.

8. Massage – Massage with fingers from the center of Hickey to outward direction.

9. Alcohol – Apply immediately after Hickey for soothing and cool effect.

10. Banana Peelings – Keep it on Hickey for 30 minutes to lighten them.

11. Vitamin C – Drink Orange Juice to repair tissues.

12. Cocoa butter -Apply it to make it moist and chances to grow new tissue are high.

13. Warm Tea Bag -Use it as warm compress method.

14. Tuna Oil – Apply for 5 minutes as Vitamin E helps in regeneration of skin and tuna oil is rich in it.

15. Arnica Gel – Medically approved ointment for healing hickey.

16. Peppermint Oil – Apply it and tingling sensation will start. It will stop after some time, no need to worry.

17. Aloe Vera – Apply on Hickey 2-3 times a day.

18. Eat Strawberries – They have salicylic acid which has a strong blood dissolving effect.

19. Medicine – Medicines like aspirin can also be taken to relieve pain and heal fast.

20. Zinc Supplements – Help in maintaining health issues. Take dosage according to prescription.

These are 20 ways that help you to get rid of hickey fast. This is not the end we will be back with more ways that can also be effective in hickey removal. So keep updated with our blog.

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