How To Fall Asleep On Acid

How To Fall Asleep On Acid – We can also say it as to sleep with acid reflux at night. It is the very common problem among the world people. First of all, we should know why it happens. It happens when our stomach and lower esophageal sphincter i.e (LES) move above the diaphragm, the muscle that normally helps keep acid in our stomach. So not to get happen this problem with anyone avoid doing the below things and head over to follow some ways on “How to fall asleep Fast“.

How To Fall Asleep On Acid

How To Fall Asleep On Acid

Avoid the below things to make acid in your stomach:-

1) Avoid food eating just before your bedtime. Have it at least 2 hours before going to sleep.
2) Avoid food like spicy, fatty foods and alcohol.
3) Stop Smoking.
4) Loosen up your weight if you weigh heavy.
5) Always Wear comfortable and loose clothes while going to sleep to relax your body.
6) Chew the gum to encourage saliva production.
7) Avoid Taking Sleeping Pills if you have this problem. As make it worse.
8) Start taking small meals with short intervals of time.

These all things can help you in making of no acid in the stomach if you face a problem of acid flux in the stomach during sleep.

Now you need to know some tips on “How To Fall Asleep On Acid”. So to Keep a good sleep while on acid i.e How To Fall Asleep On Acid some interventions are needed to follow:-

How To Fall Asleep On Acid
  • If you sleep on both side i.e to your right and left, try sleep to left side more as it will give you more relax.
  • When you fall asleep on acid don’t sleep straight as it brings your stomach and throat at the same level. Try sleep keeping your upper body level at elevation so the acid didn’t move up in direction of your throat and chest. This will make improvement in your sleep if you keep your head raised while sleep by 20cm according to study.
  • Dont sleep with stress as it encourages problem behaviours, so just avoid it.
  • Use of Products like bed wedges, body pillows and adjustable mattresses can also make it easy for you to sleep comfortable through the night free from acid pain.
  • You can have a tablet of Zantac 150. It can help but please consult your doctor before.

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At the end we would like to say extreme cases of acid can cause irreversible damage to your esophagus. Even if you fall asleep on acid it is still damaging your esophagus. So it should be properly taken care and cured.

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