How To Fall Asleep Fast

How To Fall Asleep Fast – When we lie down, close our eyes and we get sleep or can say sleep is passive state of unconsciousness when our other body activities get suspended. When we sleep we don’t remember about the hours that passed. So, Sleep is a period of reduced activity and result in decreased responsiveness to external stimuli.

How To Fall Asleep Fast

How To Fall Asleep Fast

How To Fall Asleep Fast
  • Take Warm Bath Or Shower:- Bath decreases our body temperature, it slows down our heart rate and metabolic processes. This makes easier for your brain to power down and sleep.
  • Put Your Socks:- Keep wearing your socks while sleep, it keeps your feet warmer and help in the blood flow leading to the perfect body temperature for your sleep.
  • Try 4-7-8 exercise:- Inhale slowly for 4 sec – Hold your breath for 7 sec – Exhale it in 8 sec. Try this few times it can help you sleep.
  • Feeling Sleepy:- Go to the bed only when you are feeling sleepy. Longer you stay in bed awake sleep will be more worse.
  • Hide your clock:- Keep your clock or mobile away from you while sleeping as near by clock attracts you to check time again and again, making you more stressful about your sleep.
  • Paper Notes:- Sometimes days thoughts and tomorrow to-do-work tasks keep on stressing your mind while you trying to sleep. So better sit and write down all on the paper note which will relax you and help to sleep.
  • Eyes Rolling:- Close your eyes and roll your eyes up for 3 times can do the work for you. Try it.
  • Try Be Awake Forcefully:- Just try to be awake with eyes open as a challenge and your mind will rebel and instruct you to sleep again and again. It works for sure.
  • Inhale with left Nostril:- Just lie down on your left side and close your right nostril with your finger on it. Now breathe from left nostril only but slowly. This will relax you and make you sleep.
  • No Naps:- Don’t take any naps during whole day. This will keep you tired and will make you sleep immediately after going to bed.
  • Exercise:- Physical tiredness makes you sleep very faster than mental stress. So try doing some workouts during your day schedule or in mornings.
  • Caffeine Intakes:- As it helps you keep awake so try taking it less or avoid if you can. Drinking alcohol also disturbs the sleep habits.
  • Sleep and Awake Habits:- Always keep your sleep and awake time same to get into good habits like for 30 minutes ups and downs with regular time you sleep and awake.
  • Busy Day:- Keeping you busy all the day will make you restless at night and will fall you asleep as fast as you go to your bed.
  • Eating food:- Eat your food before 2 hours while going to sleep. If you go early its still in digestion mode and can disturb your sleep.
  • Limit TV And computer Usage:- Avoid using them in evening as research shows brightness from them keep you alert.
  • Lights Off:- Keep your all room lights off and try to have more darker room. As darker room with no noise at all gives you very relaxed sleep.
  • Room Temperature:- We fall asleep when room is cool because our ideal temperature for our sleep is 65 degrees.
  • Reading habbit:- If you love reading and feeling awake just read your books and sleep will be on its way. If you can read boring books result will be very fast.
  • Clothes:- Clothes you wear should always be loose and soft. Loose maintain your body temperature and soft gives you comfort to sleep.
  • Having Sex:- Having sex if not sleepy makes you exhausted, And after it you have no option to get relax which makes you sleep easily.
  • Comfort Mattresses And Pillow:- More comfort you get in your bed, more easily you will be relaxed and fall asleep faster.
  • Do something for 10 Minutes:- Trying to sleep and awake from 15 minutes get up and do some work for 10 minutes which require your physical and mental strength both. After it chances of your sleep increases.
  • Scent Your Room:- Lavender fragrances is best for it as study says it relaxes your nerves more.
  • Listening to Music:- Slow rhythm music with 60-80 beats per minute make you fall asleep better and also reduces your stress problems.

As with age sleep requirements change like for newborns need 16-20 hrs/day, 1-4 years child need 11-12 Hrs/day, 4–10 years child need 9 hrs/day, Adults need at least 8 hrs/day and elders need 6-8 hrs/day.

If you will follow some tips of above you will never have this problem in your future and will always fall asleep faster.


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