How To Get Rid Of Hickey And Give It To Someone

Hickeys are also mostly known as Love Bites. Some love to have these love bites and some really ignore them. We have written Complete A-Z guide For you from its meaning to experts Q & A.

What is a Hickey

Hickey Meaning – A hickey is a bruise caused by suction which bursts tiny blood vessels under your skin, due to which your blood leaks down and come out of them forming hickey.

In other words, we can Define hickey as a dark coloured skin mark left on the body due to prolonged suction.

What Is A Hickey

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According to Cambridge dictionary, Hickey Definition is – It’s a temporary mark left on the skin usually on the neck, where someone has been sucked and bitten during any sexual act.

So What does hickey mean will be more clear on your part and in order to get rid of hickey from there, blood vessels need to reabsorb that blood back and make Hickey disappear. It may change colour from red – purple – brown to yellowish green before disappearing.

You can get Hickey anywhere on your body but more chances are on the neck as the skin there is very soft and delicate. Other areas more pronto hickeys are chest, lips and inner arms.

What Causes Hickey and How a Hickey is Formed – Our body have the different type of blood vessels that help transport blood from one part to another. Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels under the skin. When someone sucks hard on skin, these blood vessels break down letting blood to flow out to surrounding tissues and causing hickey to form at that place.

How A Hickey Is Formed

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When blood comes out its colour is red. Then it dries out and due to non-availability of oxygen, it changes to purple or dark brown colour.

At the end, we will say hickey is also known as Love Bite. What is love Bite – Love bite is a Hickey in short a reddish mark left behind by a passionate kiss.

So no need to get confused between hickey, love bite and bruise.

Hickey symptoms – Hickey is not any type of disease or allergy. It’s just a mark left behind on the skin due to suction on it. Neither it has any proper medical cure nor spread any infections. So there are no symptoms to it.

What hickey has to tell is How does Hickey look. It looks like oval shape red colour mark which can change colour to purple then dark brown and further disappearing within few days.

How to get rid of Hickey

Everyone here and now keeps searching for “How to get rid of Hickies Fast” or google for “Fastest way to get rid of a hickey” but truth part is, there is no such proper cure for Hickies.
How To Get Rid Of Hickey

On another part definitely, there are plenty ways to get rid of hickeys, but those ways help you heal hickey fast or lighten it up or reduce your pain if you have on them. So below are the best ways to get rid of a hickey.

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1) How to get rid of hickey with ice – Make the area of hickey cold with the help of ice. It will slow down the flow of blood to Hickey area. Now the blood will not spread to outer areas hence reducing the size of Hickey.

How to apply ice – Wrap the ice in the towel and apply it on the affected area for at least 20 minutes. You should give an interval of at least 20 minutes and keep repeating the process if you want. This would definitely avoid your Hickey grow in size.We can also say it as the quickest way to get rid of a hickey.

2) How to get rid of hickey with a spoon – We can also apply cold spoons on hickeys. Just keep some spoons in the deep freezer for about 15 minutes to make them cold. Now take one spoon and keep it on affected area and its adjacent areas too for 20 minutes. Keep changing spoons with cold ones as one gets warm. You can repeat the process with an interval of 20 minutes as we did with ice method.
Spoon To Get Rid Of hickey

3) How to get rid of hickey using Toothbrush – The idea behind using toothbrush is to increase the blood flow from affected area to other tissue parts. Use of new toothbrush is recommended as will work well on it.

How to Use It – Just start brushing your affected area with it very gently. Don’t brush with any pressure on it, as more pressure may result in damage to your skin. Don’t do it for more than 5 minutes.

What will happen is blood will flow to adjacent areas making it change colour. Hence Hickey size will increase but colour will lighten up as from before and slowly will disappear. Results are expected after few hours.

4) How to remove a hickey fast by applying Heat – This method is opposite to the cold one that’s why it is to be used only after 48 hours of Hickey if required. After this much time, broken capillaries get healed and hickey spots are due to the blood clot on the tissues surrounding capillaries.

Applying hot will increase the blood flow in the area and the blood clot will be reabsorbed in the blood stream. Heat can be provided with warm clothes or warm water bottles which are comfortable to your body and affected area. We can say it as the most effective way to get rid of a hickey.

5) How to get rid of hickey with toothpaste – What we have to use here is mint based toothpaste and apply in the affected area. Now you will start to feel a tingling sensation on it. When your tingling stops you can wash it with warm water towel.
Use Mint toothpaste to apply on hickey

What exactly it does is to increase the blood flow in that area so that blood clot gets reabsorbed. Also, use it after 48 hours of Hickey and don’t use this method again and again as can cause irritation on your skin.

6) How to remove a hickey with a coin – What you have to do is stretch the Hickey wider using your two fingers. Now take a coin and rub on it from the centre of the Hickey to outwards of Hickey.

What we are trying to do is break the blood clot area and mix it with surroundings to get reabsorbed into the blood stream. Surrounding skin will get red but no need to worry as it will get normal in few minutes. But care should be taken while using the coin as if done with immense pressure can lead to Hickey turn into Wound in no time.

7) How to get rid of hickies in 5 minutes using twisting Cylindrical objects – You can use pen caps and press it hard on Hickey. Now twist it around the position for 5 minutes. This breaks down the blood clot and thus help reabsorb it into the blood stream. Take care of the force you applying with cylindrical objects as more force can make it worse.
get rid of hickey using pen caps

8) How to get rid of hickey in a day with Massage – We want to break the blood clot with massage, so before doing it just apply warm cloth on Hickey for some time to increase blood flow. Now massage hickey with two fingers from centre to outwards so as it get reabsorbed by the bloodstream.

9) How to get rid of hickey in 24 hours with rubbing Alcohol – Using it will make a soothing and cool effect on it as alcohol has disinfectant properties. Apply it as soon as possible to relieve itchiness and soreness. Alcohol makes skin dry so apply proper moisturiser after use of alcohol.

10) Banana Peelings – Cut the banana peel of size of your hickey. Keep it on Hickey for 10-30 minutes. Can do this 2-3 times a day and it will make your Hickey look very light as banana has soothing and cooling properties.

11) Vitamin C – As its best known to repair the skin tissues. So take fresh orange juice daily to get it heal fast.
Get Rid Hickey With Vitamic C or Orange Juice

12) Cocoa Butter – Dry skin heals slowly and moist skin heals faster as chances to grow new tissue is high. So the use of it can help in hickey as its good skin moisturiser.

13) Warm Tea Bag – It can be used in the same way as hot water compress. Tea is also to be known for regeneration of dead skin.

14) Tuna Oil – It is rich in Vitamin E and omega that help in regeneration of dead skin. Just apply it on the place of Hickey and leave it for 5 minutes and wash it off. It leaves the essentials on it and helps in the cure.

15) How to get rid of hickey instantly with arnica Gel – Medically approved ointment used for healing the Hickey. It reduces the swelling and soreness from it and boosts the fast healing of hickeys. It can also repair broken capillaries on skin.
Arnica Gel Helpful In Bruises And Hickeys

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16) How to get rid of hickey asap with Medication – Medication can only help to get relieve pain and heal them faster. To repair broken capillaries take supplements rich in vitamin E immediately after hickey.

To reabsorb the blood clot in blood takes vitamin K supplement immediately after getting a hickey. Aspirin can be taken as a pain killer and also helpful in hickey removal after 24 hrs of getting.

17) Peppermint Oil – Stimulant of peppermint can help in increase of blood circulation and can also heal capillary vessels. Apply it on Hickey, it will give tingling sensation but don’t worry it will go quickly. Don’t repeat this process more than 2 times a day as can irritate your skin.

18) Aloe Vera– Fresh Aloe vera is the natural way to get rid of your hickey. Just apply it on hickey and massage it for like 2-3 times a day. Its anti-inflammatory property help heals capillaries and smoothens it.

19) Stop Smoking – As smoking slows down our blood supply and hickey heal may take time in disappearing. So stop it and other tobacco product as well if you want to get rid of hickeys fast.
Stop Smoking To Heal Hickey fast

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So by using the above methods and home remedies it can help you get rid of a hickey right away, or within some minutes to a day. All depends on lot factors so choose out the best that works for you. All The Best !!

Most of the above methods work same for boys and girls as most guys ask us for “how to get rid of a hickey fast for guys“. So guys no need to worry, you can also use the above methods as safely as girls.

How to Get Rid Of Hickey Overnight

You can take medications to heal them overnight. Take an aspirin before going to bed, it will increase your blood flow and heal it faster. Who knows you wake up with fresh morning with no hickey on your body. Hickey disappeared overnight.

Always take aspirin after 12 hours of Hickey, it’s recommended as taking it early may hickey grow more instead of heal. At the time of hickey blood flow is more and aspirin could increase it a lot making your Hickey grow big. So you need to take aspirin only when blood flow stopped and Hickey has grown.

How to cover a hickey

How To hide A Hickey

1) How to Hide a hickey With Makeup – One can do it very easily by using proper makeup and mixing it with hickey colour so as it get a cover up. Proper lining and colour combination which should be used to hide a hickey. The surrounding area also should be applied with the foundation to make it look natural.

2) How to hide a hickey without makeup – Long sleeves and turtle necks can hide it very easily but in summers can be a problem wearing this. So proper care of what to wear should be taken to hide the hickey in response to look smart in your outfit you wearing for that season.
turtle necks to hide hickey

3) Vitamin K Cream – Apply it on Hickey and it absorbs the blood clot on top of the skin. It reduces the skin discoloration. Vitamin K cream is not easily available.

4) How to conceal a hickey using your hair – If you have long hair then its very easy to hide your hickey. You have done your hair styles in a way it covers up your Hickey and not visible to anyone. We can give you the only idea, now you have to style your hair to look good plus hide your hickey.

5) How to hide a hickey from your parents using bandages – Cover it up by putting bandages at the place if you like and if your parents ask you can have a false story like you got any wound cut or rash or bitten by a spider or any acne on that place.

6) How to make a hickey disappear using Jewellery – You can wear an jewellery on that place if it covers ups your hickey. It’s also very good idea to conceal it from others and attend any party.
cover up hickey using jewellery

7) How to cover a hickey with red lipstick – If you have a hickey on your upper lip or lower lip than you can make use of lipstick to cover it up. It is usually hidden using red lipstick camouflage. Depending on the colour of the Hickey you can use another colour also. Moreover, lip stain is preferred over lipstick because it’s deep in colour and lasts long.

8) How to hide a hickey for guys – They can simply have not many options to hide it. Just can use clothes or sweaters/sweats. Grow their beard if possible they have and last option is to have band-aids and can say have cut while shaving on the neck.

If any of the above methods don’t work, either give excuses for a Hickey or you have to just wait and let it heal itself. Hickeys can take up to the maximum time of 2 weeks to heal themselves.

How Long Do Hickeys last

As soon as you get the hickey on your body part, you immediately want to know “How long does a hickey last“.

Hickey is not a permanent mark this is for sure but Hickey if left untreated can last up to 5-10 days on your skin normally depending upon the how intense damage to your blood vessels has been done. They can last on your body for as long as 4 weeks but no need to worry use the above treatments if its taking time.

Some hickeys last for even hours if you are fairer in colour or sucking on your skin is done with very less pressure. Recovery of hickey also depends on your health and immune system. If you are healthy and the body responds very quickly it will heal a lot faster may be within a day.

Can Hickey Last Forever – As Hickey is only the blood that leaks into the tissues. It can be permanent only in case your body has no capability of repairing your tissues. If this happens to you then you really need proper attention from a doctor.

Some factors you need to know that can make Hickey last long or heal very fast are – the size of your Hickey, the severity of Hickey, your health, age & gender. Nature of your skin, hereditary factors, the location of the Hickey and at last it’s treated or not.

How to Give a Hickey

Now we will discuss over “How to give someone a hickey” but questions come why one would like to have Hickey and why one would give a hickey to another. That’s the perfect question “why do people give hickeys “? We have covered it for you in next part before we will discuss how to give a girl a hickey with her prior position.

How To Give A Hickey

Take Permission From Your Partner – As everybody don’t like to get the hickey or Love bite on their body. It can very be embarrassing for the girls at some times when it’s easily visible. It can be a problem for school or college going girls also at times. So it’s better to ask your partner before leaving the love bite on their body.

Some would like to have love mark on their body but due to reasons, they avoid having it. Just your partner should be aware of you are leaving your love mark on her body. Also if she has been given the love bite on her body by you, let her know about it.

Foreplay And Get In Mood – Most important part after getting your partner permission is to take the attention from your partner. For it, you have to just foreplay with your partner. You can start with smooching and kissing on her body with a soft touch. As your start getting much attention and response from your partner, chances are more your partner is willing to get love bite on her body. You can get more intense and wild with your kisses as your partner start loving it.

Where To Give Love Bite – When love birds are in the complete mood and trying to give Hickey, the important decision is to choose the body part to give hickey on. It can be any place neck, lips or nose that are more prone areas to Hickey because of their softness.

Love bites are easily visible in these areas and your partner may avoid it because of embarrassment or hidden relationships. In that case, you can discuss with your partner for the selection of the area or can go with other areas like butt. Your partner will surely be comfortable with it.

Start Kissing aggressively – Now after your area selection you can start kissing your partner area slowly and when she start enjoying can go wilder. What you have to do exactly to leave love bite at that place is make the O shape with your lips there and suck for 20-30 seconds and leave no room for air. More chances are there to get a hickey on. If still not done, you can try with an immense pressure and for a long time. Use your complete mouth instead of lips.

Some Tips on How do you give someone a hickey

1) Avoid using your teeth while giving hickey kiss as you don’t want to leave your partner in pain and spoil the mood for your passionate love.

Avoid Using Teeth

2) If hickey doesn’t appear to you after 30 seconds sucking, you can increase the time to a minute to help with it.

3) Saliva coming from your mouth while giving the Hickey at partners area can sometimes spoil your partner mood if it’s left by you on partners body. So always keep notice on how much you have in your mouth and on partners body. Leaving a lot amount of sticky residue on hickey area may spoil your partner’s mood.

Why do people give hickeys

Perspective behind every Hickey either giving or receiving has a different reason. But some people love giving and receiving these love bites. Why do they so?

As hickey is younger person thing but views of every person are different on it. Some reasons we came to know are:

1) For a young generation, it’s like branding or hot symbol.

2) To show off to others that you have someone in your life.

3) Some give and receive hickeys due to their insecurity.

4) Some think it as a beautiful gesture to have it on.

5) Some guys and girls want to show their desire to each other or sometimes to others.

How to Fake A Hickey

First thing comes to mind after this question why someone will like to search or know about “How to make a hickey“. As one will avoid it because of embarrassment and other reasons to keep their love and passion a secret.
How To Fake Love Bite

So why anyone would fake it. Maybe she wants to make jealous of someone of her relationship or to show she is in a relationship and may be telling how lovely and passionate night she had enjoyed with her partner.

There can be many other reasons too but most important part is “How to make it look like you have a hickey“.

1) How To Make a Hickey Using Eyeshadow – Things you need are Eyeshadow plate with colours pink, blue, purple and makeup brush. More the dark colour of skin, more dark colours you need to show up a hickey.

Step 1 – Gently pour makeup brush into pink eye shadow and rub the brush on 1-inch size oval on your skin. Just build it slowly and slowly. Don’t add much colour at once.

Step 2– Now pour the brush in purple eye shadow. Continue using a brush in the oval and blend the purple colouring out to the edges of the Hickey.

Step 3– Now make use of blue colour similarly and blend out to the edges of hickey thus forming good looking fake hickey.

Step 4– Use hair spray or makeup spray to set the Hickey makeup to last for a long time. Hickey will go off when you wash it out as you does with your makeup.

2) How To Make a Hickey Using Bottle – Take an empty soda bottle or 2-litre plastic bottle. You can use small and big bottles depending on the size of Hickey you want to make.

After taking an empty bottle just squeeze it from the centre with your hands and place the mouth of the bottle on the place where you want to make Hickey. More the squeezed bottle, more intense Hickey will. Most common selection is neck as its easily prone to the Hickey.

Now just release the pressure of the bottle applied by your hands and remove the bottle mouth from your neck. Don’t keep it for more than 15 seconds as keeping for a long time can give you pain afterwards.

As hickey will be round shape so to make it look natural you can follow this procedure to apply on adjacent areas to look natural shape as Hickey from mouth gives oval shape or make use of a toothbrush. Just rub over the hickey from centre to outwards position to make the flow of the blood to outer areas and look it natural.

3) Alcohol activated Paint – It is commonly used by the film industry as it is sweat resistance.

Step 1– Take a small amount of alcohol onto your colour plate with the help of cotton.

Step 2– Take the applicator sponge and tap its edge in alcohol. Squeeze it well to distribute alcohol on it and also sponge on a paper towel to dry of access alcohol.

Step 3– Now take red paint colour on the applicator and apply to 1-inch size oval space on your selected spot.

Step 4– Now use dark blue colour on the same applicator and use it very lightly especially at centres to give the look of broken blood vessels. As it will give you natural purple looking bruise.

4) Makeup – These type of makeups are mostly used in theatres and films. Requirements for this method are special effects bruises wheel, Baby powder and mirror.

Step 1– Wash your hands and neck properly and dry them. Now apply some baby powder onto your neck. As it will work well on the clean and dry area to stick on.

Step 2– Now take yellow colour and apply on your neck area around two times of hickey area you want to make. Don’t darken it as use very lightly just little noticeable with transparent mode.

Step 3– Just take red theatre colour and start applying on top of yellow colour roughly and very lightly. Keep on adding it until it starts looking like natural bruise colour.

Step 4– Now you can try dark blue colour theatre colour to give it more depth, texture and realistic look. Also, add light baby powder over it to absorb moisture and not get remove easily enough.

5) Curl Iron – We don’t suggest using it as can be dangerous at times and burn your skin. To make out a fake hickey with it, you just have to burn the spot many times lightly to form a Hickey. Don’t hold the iron for a long time as it will burn your skin and you have to go for medication. If done correctly these fake hickeys will be shallow and fade off soon. As many recommend this method but we will suggest not to use it. If Still, you do, DO at your own risk.

6) Vacuum Cleaner – After the selection of the body part to fake hickey on, just switch on your vacuum cleaner. Now place the suction opening of the hoover on your skin and leave it for minimum 45 seconds. If you didn’t get a good result you can increase the time from 45 seconds, it depends on your part selection and body capability.

7) Pull, twist and pinch -Place a warm rag on your skin for a few minutes and then pull, twist and pinch that spot. You can even grip it tightly under you get the bruising shade you desire.

How to Give Yourself a Hickey

Most prone areas to hickey are neck and love bites are given at that place most of the times. It’s very difficult to give yourself the Hickey at that place. But instead, if you are trying to give yourself a hickey at the place other than it, then possible areas to give so are your arms.

How to give yourself a hickey on your arm – To give yourself a hickey on this place you just have to suck the spot with your mouth very hard for at least 20 seconds. To make your Hickey look more intense you can increase the time to 40 seconds or increase your pressure from the mouth or repeat the process after 5 minutes interval. As it will result in breaking of thousands of your blood vessels and thus forming the hickey/Love.

I also found some people searching for “how to give yourself a hickey with a spoon” but I knew the method to get rid of hickey with it but to fake it, Damn Nub. If you come to know let me know for sure.

Excuses for Hickeys

There are enormous excuses you can make from your mind but I would like to share some good Hickey excuses which will take you out of those situations.

1) Video – You can make a video where your brother is putting up the vacuum cleaner on your neck when u fall asleep.

2) Spider Bite – Doctors usually circle mark spider bites to see the growth rate of it. Likewise, you can circle it and give the excuse for the spider bite.

3) Sports Injury – If you are sports enthusiastic and love playing games like volleyball, Basketball, rugby or cricket. You can easily excuse the injury by the ball or by any player hit on a neck.

4) Birth Mark – You can also say it with confidence that it’s a birthmark on your neck from the time of birth.

5) Dog – You were playing with your dog and he loves you most. He nibbles on my neck a lot and these red marks are due to it.
Hickey From Dog

Image –

6) Punched – As you were outside your house driving and met an accident. The victim punched me and got it on the neck.

7) Burnt – If you have long hair, then can excuse easily as you were curling or straightening your hair and touched the rod on the neck by mistake.

8) Allergic reaction – Recently you used new perfume or body spray. It got allergic and did this on my neck.

9) Temporary Tattoo – Oh yes it’s a temporary tattoo I did for yesterday. I removed in morning but left with some part on.

10) Makeup Challenge – You were in makeup challenge competition and were given the challenge to make a hickey. This is what it is.

11) Fake Hickey – You can easily tell that you made a fake hickey to fool your friends or for show off to them.

All of the excuses above can also be used as “excuses for hickeys for guys” also. They are very good logical ideas and everyone will believe in you. Watch Out for some more terrible excuses in the video.

Are hickeys bad for you or cancerous

Still many people ask and want to know is hickey-giving or receiving has any harm to our body or dangerous in any form. Can it give rise to diseases like cancer or aids?

The answer is no Hickey is safe and does nothing more than leaving love bite on your body. Even no bleeding is there from it. There are Rumours about it to spread disease like cancer and Aids. No such cases have been recorded so far.

Receiving hickey is as safe as having French kiss, but we feel still mouth to mouth kiss can give you some infections. So no need to worry if you are ready to get love bite on your body.

Do Hickeys hurt?

As we all know now hickey is just the blood clot from broken capillaries under your skin. And they occur due to the suction of that body part. If that part is sucked with immense pressure or bitten hard there are chances of becoming it an wound. In that case, the Hickey can make you feel hurt over that place.

So you just need to take care while getting Hickey or while getting any treatment done. It should not convert it into any type of wound to feel your hurt. Hickeys are not wound just a mark that heals with time itself. So take care while giving and receiving them and also while treating them. Handle With Care !!

Hickey Facts

Hickey Facts

1) Hickey is nothing but bruise – Some people think bruise and hickey are the same things. But the difference is bruises are achieved only by suction as hickeys are natural than it or more form of Love bites.

2) Hickeys are more Prone To Iron deficiency – If you get hickeys on your body easily or themselves, chances are more you are deficient in iron. So take more intake of green vegetables or iron supplements.

3) Oral herpes – Oral herpes is a type of virus that can be passed on to mouth. A person suffering from it and giving you the hickey could pass off to you, as cases for it has been recorded.

4) No Proper Cure For Hickeys – As its natural process, no bleeding takes place, nor its any disease so it will heal itself with time as will not go off within minutes. Just take proper healthy diet or some home remedies to heal faster.

5) Hickey can leave Scar – If you are very prominent to them or your skin is very delicate or the hickey given to you is very severe. There are chances of the scar left behind it. So practice good habits and follow remedies provided above.

6) Hickey can cause strokes – There has been case recorded in NZ in 2011. Lady was brought to the hospital with left arm paralysed and at last resulted in the stroke. Doctor recorded as it was a clot in the artery on the right side of the neck. It was due to deep suck or love bite in that area.

7) Serious Sex Injuries – Doing it wilder and intensely can sometimes lead to severe sex injuries too.

8) Kamasutra – They have mentioned Kamasutra too.

Questions And Answers Asked Related To Hickey

Q And A

Image –

Q: Is a Hickey a Bruise ?
A: Yes hickey can be said as bruise as they are a same looking mark on the body due to seepage of blood to the body part. Just hickeys are known as love bites as we get them in course of sexual action by some pressure. And bruises are due to the trauma i.e accidents mostly.

Bruises are mostly painful and need medications at most of the times but they look like hickeys only as main reason for the occurrence of both is breakage of blood vessels and leakage of blood to outer skin.

Q: Can black people get hickeys ?
A: Yes it’s very much possible to give a hickey to black guys. Ya everyone knows they have a dark colour and when we try to give love bite to them, they never show up to you.

But this doesn’t mean they don’t get hickey as they also are humans. Their capillaries also break and blood flows to the outer body. The thing is it don’t show you up as they are dark in colour.

What you have to do is to put in a little extra work though and will surely show you up lighter/darker you are the more/less it shows up.

Q: Can you get a hickey on your lip ?
A: Yes we can get a hickey on lips also. Lips are also very soft and one can get or give hickey very easily on the upper lip or lower lip. Use of red lipstick has been suggested if you want to conceal that hickey from others because red is a dark colour.

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