Health Benefits Of Drumstick Leaves Powder

Health Benefits Of Drumstick Leaves PowderDrumsticks word also has a lot of meanings. But here Drumsticks are known to be stacked with nutrients since the good olden days of human existence. In Southern India, it is a common practice to include this veggie as part of their lunch or breakfast.

Health Benefits Of Drumstick Leaves Powder

Health Benefits Of Drumstick Leaves Powder

A look at its appearance and you see that this veggie tree is slim but firm. It is green and has many branches. The produce is a lengthy product, which resembles drumsticks and hence the name. The tree also produces white flowers. The leaves of this tree also have medicinal properties.

Shall we look into the benefits?

1. Purification of Blood
The leaves as well pods of this plant exhibit property of blood purification. Suffering from acne, pimples, blackheads and skin related problems? Now, you know the remedy.

2. Controls Diabetes
They assist in controlling diabetes, as they can decrease the levels of blood glucose in the body. Among the other beneficial properties is the improvement in the functioning of the gallbladder, and thus reducing sugar levels.

3. Provides Relief From Respiratory Problems
Suffering from a cough? Chest congestion or a sore throat – You can drink drumstick soup. Drumsticks have anti-inflammatory properties which provide relief during respirator complications. The veggie can also be used in remedies against bronchitis, asthma as well tuberculosis.

4. Pregnancy
Have a family member on the verge of pregnancy? Then let drumsticks be a constant part of her diet. It can supply her requirement of calcium, vitamins and iron. This vegetable can assist in pre as well post-delivery problems. It also boosts the production of milk after delivery.

5. Infections
Antibacterial agents are found in abundance in the flowers and leaves of drumstick plants. They offer protection against skin as well throat infections. They also contain in abundance, the vitamin C that is known for enhancing the immunity of your body. Usually, the pods, leaves and flowers are prepared as soups and relished at all intervals – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

6. Digestion
Other than vitamin C, drumsticks also contain B complex vitamins (pyridoxine, folic acid, riboflavin and niacin) that play a significant role in digestion.

These vitamins are responsible for the breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates into simple forms to assist digestion.

A remedy for Dysentery – Fresh leaf juice plus honey plus tender coconut water.

7. Ovarian Cancer
The root of drumstick plant is believed to have alkaloids and phytochemical compounds which can fight ovarian cancer as per the alternative medicine treatment studies. In short, the medicinal components prevent the growth of radicals causing harm to the human body.

8. Impotency
To be fit, a human body needs to have the essential percentage of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. With regards to sexual health, the percentage of zinc in the human body is essential. Drumstick can give the required quantity of zinc to the human body and help in the treatment of impotence, production of semen as well premature ejaculation.

9. Weight Loss
The flowers of the drumstick plants are used in diets because they can reduce bloating and water retention. If you have a family member who is prescribed painkillers and antibiotics, then include the flowers as part of the diet. They offer protection against damage to tissues.

10. Health Benefits
Since drumsticks have a high amount of calcium, iron and vitamins, they can easily strengthen bones. When consumed in food on a regular basis, it can enhance the density of the bones. If you want to have strong bones, consume drumstick leaves (smashed) with milk.

In this era of fast-paced life, you may work in home services company or any other organization. Sometimes you have to regularly skip meals because of hectic work schedule.Then, to remain in good health, you can include all types of fruits, vegetables such as drumsticks in the diet.

Recipes Prepared With Drumstick

• In Asian countries, drumsticks are used in various types of recipes such as sambhars, kormas, dals, curries and soups
• Drumstick leaves are used in salads
• There are special omelettes prepared by the combination of eggs, spring onions and drumstick leaves. They are also used as toppings on food, such as pizzas.

In Mother Earth, all plants, herbs and greens are blessed with medicinal properties. Drumstick is also one among them. It is vital that you have a breakfast packed with nutrients, a healthy lunch and a low key dinner to remain in the best of health.

We hope that this article may have opened a few doors regarding the benefits of drumsticks. Have we missed a valuable point? If so, be kind to put a review in the Comments section.

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