How To Pass a Drug Test

How To Pass a Drug Test – There are a lot of people who think they can pass a drug test easily with some sort of products or techniques. You will also find many methods from home products to chemical products to pass the drug test. But are you able to pass a drug test with their help? Today we will tell you about all these products we take to help you pass a drug test and what effect it has on the drug test or sample.

There are only two possible ways to pass a drug test. Either you mix some substance in urine sample before giving to fake the test. And second, you change the sample to another urine sample of your friend which you think is perfect to pass the test.

Still, we have explained all the possible ways and its result which can help you to know about the actual fact of “how to pass a drug test”.

How To Pass a Drug Test

How To Pass a Drug Test

How To Pass a Drug Test
  • Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Ordinary salt, Baking soda, Detergant: – These are the household kitchen items that people intake from years to pass a drug test. As it helps in it because it changes the urines PH or acidity level but easily catchable as most of the time it makes the sample useless for testing. Result you did not pass a drug test.
  • Drinking Lots Of water:- Drinking lots of water and keep on doing urine makes it very dilute decreasing its PH level but testers reject the samples of urine automatically if find below certain levels of it. So this method also may not work perfectly.
  • Pyridinium Chlorochromate (PPC):- Mixing it can destroy drug molecule in urine fooling drug tests. But Drug testers use a trick to add hydrogen peroxide to which turn PPC Containing sample to dark brown. If checked with this trick can fail you the drug test.
  • Eye Drops:- Adding them to urine sample can pass a drug test for Marijuana users but who’s take is less and not on the regular basis. If you take Marijuana regularly and heavily you will fail the drug test.
  • Zinc Supplements :- Taking Zinc Supplements immediately after smoking some marijuana and going for a drug test can interfere with the test result up to 12 hrs. As no proper method is found to trace zinc in urine samples.
  • Wait Until Drugs Clear Naturally:- Best way to pass a drug test is just give time to clean themselves. Mostly all drugs clear naturally from 1 day time to 10 days leaving marijuana which can take up to 11 weeks in some cases.
Some Ways Which Can Help Sometimes Pass a Drug Test:-
  • Drink Lot Water :- When Urine become Watery take B-2 Vitamin tablets to make it yellow.
  • Pee :- Try pee the end part of your urine in the sample bottle as for the start of urine sample is more acidic. So when start urine flush some in toilet and then take last drops in bottle.
  • Asprin :- Taking 4 aspirin before 6 hrs of testing can also help you out.
  • Exercise :- If you have week time keep doing exercise and sweat as much as you can. This is the best way to detox your body.
  • Healthy Diet : – Take proper healthy diet to give all nutrients to your body week before the test.

At last, we will say it’s not possible to fool the proper drug test or can say is very hard. However, passing a drug test can be done depending on the resources you using to fake it and what quality test is being used.

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